folders+iPhone/iPad = missing out on e-mails?

I have a details mail arrangement on my mac where I make use of to access my Gmail using IMAP, and also the application filters e-mails right into folders ("On my mac" in contrast to in Gmail itself) for my various tasks, college, etc The trouble is that whenever relocates an email right into a folder (out of the major Inbox), it obtains placed in the Gmail Archive (All Mail), and afterwards is no more obtainable using my iPhone - i.e. when I look for it, it is not there. Exists a means to make e-mails in folders readily available on iPhone/iPad, ideally in fact synced with the tool so you have the actual folders from readily available?

2019-12-02 03:07:45
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iOS 4.0 and also more recent appear to set Gmail up as IMAP, yet older arrangements are possibly POP3, offering you just INBOX accessibility. If you (have actually) set up your Gmail account on your iPhone as Exchange account or IMAP (for iOS 4.x, simply re - set Gmail up, for 3.x follow these instructions) after that you can leave the INBOX by touching Mailboxes switch up left and afterwards browse to All Mail folder where you can see all your mail and also search amongst them.

If this is adequate, no adjustments need to be made to filters.

2019-12-03 03:27:12

You require to upgrade your regulations to relocate mail to the gmail IMAP folders as opposed to the ones from 'On My Mac'. When it does that, it is replicating them out of the gmail box to your neighborhood mail store.

You can additionally have the regulations set up in gmail which will certainly parse them prior to sending out mail to your tool, so on both your Mac and also iOS tools they would certainly currently remain in the proper area.

2019-12-03 00:57:44

Be certain that you are making folders that are saved on gmail making use of IMAP.

It seems like you are relocating the messages to a neighborhood folder (on my mac) and also the proper actions because instance is to delete the message from all IMAP folders.

Mail maintains a neighborhood duplicate of all messages - so you still have offline accessibility, time equipment back-ups returning in time, and also all the advantages of neighborhood storage space when messages are "stored in a folder in gmail." Think of the area as the reliable duplicate and also not the only duplicate or perhaps one of the most proper duplicate. When you make adjustments offline - those time stamps allow the system sync your adjustments back to gmail as soon as you reconnect and also effectively incorporate adjustments with new mail that has actually gotten here while offline.

Simply to be entirely clear - below are some images ...

Try making a new IMAP folder like the image listed below - you can relabel it later on if required to see what developing a folder saved on Gmail resembles on your mail customer.

You do not desire it saved in your area similar to this :

You can drag messages right into the new folder or drag whole folder frameworks as long as you have time for the procedure to sync/ upload all the data to gmail web servers. I have actually seen folders with 5,000 messages take 2 or 3 hrs to post also on regular net with suitable upload rates so attempt first with smaller sized mail boxes to master points.

2019-12-03 00:49:53