WiFi trouble after 4.3.2 jailbreak

I've simply jailbroken my iPhone (3Gs, 5.13.04, iphone 4.3.2, Pwnage Tool 4.3.2).

Currently I'm experiencing problems with WiFi, so I can not do an unlock. I have an AirPort Express router, it functions well with various other tools, the iPhone does have link with the router (in the Settings - > Wifi food selection there is a checkmark before my network) yet there is no sign of WiFi link and also none of my applications see this link.

Just how can I address this trouble?

Many thanks beforehand.

2019-12-02 03:07:55
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I've located a remedy, it is not rather clear, yet it functions.

First, I've restarted my router

Second, in Settings -> General -> Network I've set Cellular Data and also Enable 3G to OFF. Afterwards procedure WiFi indication showed up and also every little thing worked out.

Hope it aids to those that experience the very same trouble.

2019-12-03 01:15:42