If I turn on expose, after that spaces, can I compel the window setup to remain the very same in both sights?

This gets on OS X 10.5.8 (Leopard).

Allow is claim I turned on Expose (All Windows), and also I see my home windows in a particular arragement. After that I turn on Spaces. The spaces I remained in occasionally reveals the home windows in a various setup from what I saw with Expose alone. Usage instance : I intend to relocate a covered window from one Space to an additional. The existing actions makes this harder to situate the window I had my eye on. I would certainly such as to constantly have the very same setup in both Expose - alone and also Expose - plus - Spaces.

UPGRADE : I saw that the z - order of home windows in the Space influences whether the concern takes place ; that makes it a lot more aggravating.

UPDATE 2 : Also, I located a non - excellent workaround : making use of the change - [faster way key ] to gradually turn on Spaces so I can quicker see where my window is going. This does not address my trouble due to the fact that I generally make use of a screen edge to turn on Spaces. If a person can inform me just how I can make use of screen - cornering with the slow-moving Spaces activation, that would certainly certify as a solution also.

UPGRADE 3 : Another method I forgot that makes the concern acceptable : while Exposé is energetic, pushing Option/Alt will certainly present window titles - this functions additionally if you turn on Spaces while All Windows is energetic. That aids me situate the window much faster.

Expose alone :

Expose plus Spaces (of the very same home windows as Expose alone) :

2019-12-02 03:08:11
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