What calls PostgreSQL is initdb on plan installment?

I'm attempting to a construct a personalized plan of PostgreSQL with some arrangement fine-tunes ideal for our application. Component of that arrangement entails a pg_hba. conf making use of "trust" as opposed to the defaults.

I can see when I install an arrangement manuscript is caused and also the PostgreSQL 'initdb' command is run. This duplicates the example config documents and also uses some makeovers to it (keyword substitute) and also duplicates right into/ etc However also if I remove the search phrases from the pg_hba. conf.sample documents and also tough code the values I desire they automagically get changed to the defaults.

I've attempted to adhere to the post install manuscripts yet all I can see is a phone call to configure_version which isn't throughout the PostgreSQL resource code.

So what is the call - chain from post installment manuscripts to the initdb program being called? And also just how can I fine-tune the parameters of the initdb ask for my recommended kind of verification?

2019-12-02 03:08:21
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In postgresql-8.4.postinst, the line quickly over the call to configure_version is :

. /usr/share/postgresql-common/maintscripts-functions

That will certainly load all the features from that documents, that includes configure_version. That documents is located in the postgresql - usual plan.

2019-12-03 04:52:07