How I should continue to approve translations via the launchpad?

I simply began my new task now, nonetheless I can not locate any kind of documents on just how I need to continue to approve translations on it.

  • just how I should continue to approve translations via the
  • I actually require to create a Translation team to start approve this sort of payment?

I do not care if you are a translator or programmer, I'm actually curious about learning through both sides. So, go make your solution listed below and also do not neglect to recommend ideal techniques also. Many thanks!

2019-12-02 03:08:24
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Launchpad translations makes use of a free software program translation system called GNU gettext. This is readily available as a collection for virtually any kind of programming language you determine to make use of. Generally, the syntax is something like :

_('String in English')

This will certainly convert the string for the customer utilizing their place. If there is no translation for their place the English string is made use of.

There will possibly be tools for your details language to extract these strings to convert from your code and also placed them in a.pot documents. A.pot documents has details concerning the strings that require to be converted. It can additionally has licencing details on top (this is called for to be a BSD permit for usage in Launchpad) and also remarks for the translators.

As soon as you have your pot documents, you need to place it in a po/ directory site in the origin of your resource code. The pot documents need to be called textdomain.pot. When making use of gettext in your code, you will certainly require to define the message domain name - see the gettext documents for your programming language for even more information. Generally, the message domain name coincides as the name of your software.

As soon as you have the po/ directory site and also pot documents, you can import them into Launchpad.

In the translations tab of your task you need to set Launchpad to handle your translations.

Also, set up the import from your code branch.

Once this is done, translators will certainly have the ability to convert the strings in your pot documents right into their language.

2019-12-03 04:54:06