How to get Facebook conversation on Asus Transformer?

So I simply obtained my better half the Asus Transformer and also for one reason or another there is no Facebook application readily available in the marketplace ... She can make use of the internet site, yet conversation is not readily available there regarding I can see. Any kind of excellent remedies for this trouble?

2019-12-02 03:08:32
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The Facebook application (at least as of July) merely does not sustain the Transformer. It is rather negative on a tablet computer anyhow, and also I do not also utilize it on my Xoom. Nonetheless, some remedies you can attempt include :

  • Try to download and install Facebook from a various application store (Amazon, SlideMe, etc). You might additionally have the ability to make use of Market Enabler, though I'm not exactly sure if it will certainly bypass tool constraints. There is a question that discusses this already.
  • You can attempt the about:debug method to change your useragent to "Desktop". That is reviewed here. This works with my Xoom and also permits me to watch the conversation bar.
  • You can install Opera Mobile and afterwards enter into the Settings and also select the "Desktop" customer representative (Press the "O" switch, after that Settings->Advanced->User Agent). This additionally works with my Xoom. Various other internet browsers additionally permit you to switch over the User Agent string, so these might additionally function (Dolphin, as an example).
  • You can make use of a 3rd - event IM customer like Trillian, which sustains Facebook accounts. Facebook conversation is, I think, XMPP under the covers, so various other conversation customers will possibly additionally function.

If you desire a tablet computer - oriented Facebook application, I advise Friend Me, though it does not presently sustain Facebook conversation. Friendcaster additionally has a beta variation for tablet computers that you can experiment with.

2019-12-03 04:55:20