Time Machine backup taking a loooong time, is this regular?

I acquired an exterior hard drive, connected it right into the USB port of my Airport Extreme base terminal, activated Time Machine, set it to make use of that drive for backup.

It is supporting 350Gigs of information and also it is essentially taking days to function its means via.

Is this regular? It feels like it is taking a means way too much time.

2019-12-02 03:08:58
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350 GB is a great deal of information, specifically to move wirelessly. It will certainly take a long period of time. In the future, just transformed documents will certainly be supported, so the backup will certainly be much quicker. To make the first backup much faster, you can attempt attaching the drive straight to the computer system making use of the fastest feasible port (see this question for a conversation of which ports are fastest). You will certainly still have the ability to make use of the drive via the airport for future back-ups.

2019-12-03 05:00:33

Over wireless, I would certainly think much less than 5gb per hr. More probable 2 - 3, placing your backup in the 5 - 6 day array.

Your best choice is to make use of an ethernet wire to connect to the Airport Extreme while the first backup runs. You need to balance 10+gb per hr over a wire and also I would certainly jump

2019-12-03 04:59:59