In linux console (no X), just how to extend console screen to fit display

Google can not aid me with this trouble. I wish you individuals can.

When I boot my computer system, the first couple of displays offered to me by BIOS and also boot food selection are extended to fit the LCD screen. As soon as Linux boots, nonetheless, the screen reduces so one pixel of the console typeface makes use of just one pixel of the screen, creating the useful location of screen to reduce to just the upper left component of the screen, given that the console makes use of just 640x480 of the 1280x1024 dimension display.

I recognize I can make use of the VGA = boot flag to set settings that raises the variety of rows and also columns of message, to make sure that the entire screen is made use of. Nonetheless, what I intend to do is maintain the variety of rows and also columns as they are yet scale the entire screen to fit the display, similar to the BIOS boot messages. I require to do this in such a way that will certainly work with any kind of display instantly.

MODIFY : I've not offered details on hardware purposefully, due to the fact that I desire the remedy to be hardware - agnostic. The circulation I'm making use of is Ubuntu 10.10.

2019-12-02 03:09:16
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I can not upload a comment, yet recognizing your circulation, video clip card version and also vehicle driver variation could aid individuals offer you a far better suggestions.

I would certainly review making it possible for KMS to make your console make use of the entire screen with its indigenous resolution and afterwards concerning setfont to readjust console typeface dimension. At the very least KMS is what I made use of on my Arch box to run framebuffer in display is indigenous 1366 *768.

Various other means to address this is transforming BIOS setups, see Conslole mode only using 640x480 of 1027x768 area at Archlinux BBs.

2019-12-03 05:06:46