Do you ever before need to do any kind of normal upkeep?

As an example, de - fragmenting, disc cleaning, or things like that?

2019-12-02 03:09:33
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You intend to make normal back-ups of very important records, that is one of the most vital "regular maintenance" job there is. Yet certainly you are currently doing this ... ; -)

Furthermore, you can make use of applications like Computer Janitor to clean up unnecessary collections, old bits, etc

In most instances fragmentation is not actually a large concern, and also regardless it will not damage you as high as it carried out in the old days. The documents that are more than likely to get fragmented are possibly log documents (which actually isn't all that vital ; if you require them split seconds are not what you respect) and also extra as a whole when tiny portions of information get contacted numerous documents in parallel. I would not bother with this however, as long as you do not see filesystem performance weaken severely (my major desktop computer was mounted in 2007 and also updated since, and also I do not see any kind of performance concerns, also if at times both dividings have actually been fairly complete).

2019-12-03 05:06:20

Not actually. There is no demand to defrag the disks, due to the fact that they do not get fragmented unless you have like 99% of the disk complete. There is no demand for a cleaning, unless you are actually short on room. Performance is not a concern, like in Windows. There is additionally no demand to cleaning the computer system registry, due to the fact that Ubuntu does not have one.

Nonetheless, some applications could require upkeep. As an example, Firefox data sources could come to be puffed up with time, so you need to vacuum them to maintain the performance high. Any kind of application that makes use of SQLite documents can deal with the very same concern.

If you intend to do cleaning, see CCleaner equivalent?.

What I do to stay clear of throwing away room is to constantly cleaning the proper cache. This is what I make use of when updating plans :

sudo apt-get clean
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt-get autoremove

The first command cleaning the cache, the 2nd upgrade the software program resources, the 3rd upgrades essential plans and also the last one uninstall unneeded software program.

2019-12-03 05:06:07

While you do not have to do normal cleanings, there might be times you intend to cleaning unneeded things to make some even more disk room and also lighten the system.

Examine Cleaning up a Ubuntu GNU/Linux system at UbuntuGeek.
Update : additionally How do I free up disk space? below (as DrKenobi refers).

If you make use of firefox, there are addons like Vacuum Places Improved to maximize data source.

I additionally favor developing a tmpfs point for the whole firefox account - - yet that would certainly refer individual choice. As an added benefit, this aids me keep an account back-up - - simply in instance.

2019-12-03 05:01:48

For a regular Ubuntu customer, below is what you can do :

  • make use of the Computer Janitor (System > Administration) to cleaning old plans and also all make use of the apt-get command line device to cleaning up extra plans
  • the Trash (lower appropriate edge of the screen) to cleaning removed documents
  • hand-operated upkeep of your residence (/ residence/ ~ username ) directory site

Other than that, you do not require to defragment your disk drive, actually. When it comes to spywares and also all, I never ever had any kind of trouble until now (for a regular customer).

2019-12-03 05:01:38