In Debian 6, just how to start a daemon as a various customer?

I'm attempting to start the Tor daemon as an additional customer. When it mounts, Tor instantly develops a new customer "debian - tor", nonetheless, it does not run as this customer, yet instead as origin.

In Debain 5 I got rid of Tor from start up with Update - rc.d, and also included a new start up manuscript that primarily does su debian-tor -c '/etc/init/tor $1'. This functioned wonderful, yet in Dabian 6 (making use of insserv as opposed to upgrade - rc.d) it requested for debiant - tor 's password (even with running as origin).

I'm at a loss below, my iptables will just function if Tor runs as a various customer, and also it is much more secure not to run it as origin. What can I do?

2019-12-02 03:09:41
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Services are generally suggested to run as origin. Nonetheless, you have 2 alternatives :

  1. You have some type of manuscript that releases the solution as that customer. There are a couple of means to complete this. You can do the adhering to :

    sudo -u debian-tor /etc/init.d/service

    and afterwards add debian - tor to the sudoer is apply for this command

  2. You can make use of the stop - start - daemon with the - - chuid alternative.

2019-12-03 05:03:16