64bits desktop computer does not boot

My 64bits desktop computer (intel core i7) had the ability to boot with Windows XP 64 mounted, yet it is not extra feasible after mounting Ubuntu amd64 : the computer system claims the HD is not bootable. The only means of starting the computer system currently, is making use of the Live CD and also picking boot from the hard drive. Besides, if I place this HD in a 32bits computer system, grub boots generally. Just how can I enable boot straight from the HD making use of the 64bits desktop computer?

2019-12-02 03:09:55
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Sounds like you require to re-install grub (or at the very least have it installed on the MBR). Grub does generally function great in a 64bit setting (at the very least it functions below).

There are a great deal of overviews around for doing this yet the majority of problem Grub v1. Ubuntu has actually gotten on Grub v2 (confusingly the real variation number is 1.9 x) for some time and also the fixing guidelines are a little various.

If I were you, I would certainly adhere to this guide and also see where you get.

2019-12-03 05:04:07

Just saw the line :

I place this HD in a 32bits computer system, grub boots generally

That (coupled with it starting from the CD) recommends that your BIOS is considering the incorrect drive too. Examine that this disk is the key boot tool.

2019-12-03 05:03:41

Following my last comment, I googled for your motherboard and also "boot flag", and also actually the Intel DX58SO does not boot, if there is no key dividing with the boot flag set.

You can examine this with :

fdisk -l /dev/sdX

If no dividing has an asterix (*) in the 'boot.' column, then that is the trouble.

To repair this, you can make use of GParted from the real-time CD :

  • Right click any kind of key dividing
  • Select 'Manage Flags'
  • Tick the 'boot' flag
  • Click on 'Close'

You are done.

2019-12-03 04:05:12