Help : spotlight can not see Firefox in Applications folder?

(FYI, I'm making use of Snow Leopard.) I made use of to release Firefox making use of spotlight by simply keying "Firefox" to situate it. Given that I really did not release Firefox usually, I really did not desire it in my dock, so I simply entered that behavior.

For one reason or another, beginning recently, spotlight can no more locate Firefox. I type "firefox" and also I get outcomes (e-mails, container documents, and more), yet no It is still there, however, resting my Applications folder and also it releases great when I click it.

Did I do something to damage spotlight? And also just how should I repair this?

Many thanks, Rob

2019-12-02 03:09:58
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You can restore the complete spotlight data source by including your whole drive to the personal privacy pane in system choices. Although that could be required, you can attempt simply including and afterwards removing the folder than has Firefox to see if that aids. This stays clear of missing out on all spotlight results while the whole procedure finishes. You can be 3 to 12 hrs to restore relying on numerous variables.

Do make certain it is missing out on by revealing all outcomes - if it is not a leading hit, restoring will not aid. Because instance attempt relocate right into/ Applications or probably checking into alternative application launchers (like LaunchBar) that permit you extra control over where applications can be shops and also even more control over restoring indexes.xx _ img_0

2019-12-03 05:03:03

Erasing vacuum on the HD sheds the Spotlight data source ; there are possibly various other means also. The incurable command

sudo mdutil - i on "/Volumes/ < disk - quantity - name > "

will certainly restore it.

2019-12-03 05:02:27