I do not have a/ dev/dsa yet I have audio!

I was hacking around and also wanting to route some arbitrary information making use of pipelines at/ dev/dsa as adheres to

  cat random.file > /dev/dsa

...to get some arbitrary sound, yet I can not take care of to find an audio tool. I have actually looked around the dev folder, there is absolutely nothing called/ dev/mixer or/ dev/audio. I am running Ubuntu 11.04 on an Eeepc 1001p.

2019-12-02 03:11:08
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You could well be making use of alsa - - If there is a /dev/snd directory site, then that most likely the instance. Additionally, according to the Alsa-mini Howto, the outcomes of running cat /proc/asound/cards needs to have details on your soundcard.

2019-12-03 02:46:43