How do I win versus a Zerg on several bases as Protoss?

I began assuming after seeing this question, that the majority of approaches entail aggressiveness and also far better macro (real for any kind of mix I intend), yet just how do you return if you lag?

What happens if it has gotten to mid - video game and also you are 3 bases behind the Zerg gamer?

2019-12-02 03:11:28
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Look at this impressive Huk (P) vs Min (Z) on Scrap Station video game.

Huk is most definitely behind (economic situation - sensible) yet by utilizing impressive looking, handful of excellent counter devices and also astonishing pressure area positionings in start of the video game, he has the ability to transform the trend of the fight. No disrespect to the zerg gamer, he attempted every little thing in guide, yet IMHO was simply beat.

2019-12-03 01:16:32

So there is a particular quantity of ups and downs you are sort of forgeting below.

Taking a base comprises a financial investment, and also not a light one either. We are speaking about 350+75 *2+50 *22 (or perhaps 30). Also on 2 - 3 Bases this comprises a hefty financial investment that can have mosted likely to soldiers. If you strike mid video game and also your challenger is instantly on 5 bases and also you get on 2, that suggests his military is mosting likely to have to do with 4800 minerals smaller sized than your own (about 75 - 90 supply for a Zerg). Then it does not actually matter what he has your military dimension need to type of crush him.

So considered that a development is such a hefty financial investment its not tough to see why several gamers construct a military prior to taking a 3rd or 4th base. Generally also very early developments are at risk to stress beforehand.

Every single time your challenger takes a base you need to consider it a possibility.

If they are taking 3 even more bases than you have, that is 3 times the possibility.

Nonetheless, if you miss out on a possibility like that, and also they do get those 3 bases up and also running their economic situation is mosting likely to start starting and also the are mosting likely to bowl you over. This is why numerous leading gamers go with a Macro oriented video game, due to the fact that its the closest point to a sure thing Starcraft actually has.

2019-12-03 01:15:31