obstructing facebook.com outside facebook.com domain name


So exist any kind of means to obstruct facebook.com outside the facebook.com domain name?

I require a souliton that is not "webbrowser related" - no Add - on, so as an example : a Privoxy rule.
It would certainly still not work with HTTPS websites, just on HTTP, ok, yet I still require this regulation, yet I do not have an idea what it is. Does any person has?


on a desktop computer PC/Fedora 15

So I do not intend to obstruct facebook.com. I simply do not desire that that as an example : if there is a foo.org that has a

2019-12-02 03:11:45
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One time - recognized means of obstructing accessibility to remote websites is by placing "fake" access (generally in the hosts documents.

Basically, modify/ etc/hosts and also add access similar to this :    facebook.com    apps.facebook.com

FMI on this method, read this ; for even more suggestions of obstructing, read that.

2019-12-03 05:06:21

Assuming you have accessibility to your firewall program, You can simply obstruct Facebook is prefixes. You can figure out their ASN from traceroute :

$  traceroute -n -A www.facebook.com
14 [AS3356]  630.713 ms  633.180 ms [AS3356]  629.633 ms
15 [AS3356]  578.959 ms  580.703 ms  579.624 ms
16 [AS32934/AS10753]  577.604 ms  557.247 ms  636.807 ms
17 [AS32934]  633.454 ms [AS32934]  602.556 ms  603.583 ms
18 [AS32934]  634.461 ms [AS32934]  634.431 ms [AS32934]  702.079 ms
19 [AS32934/AS10753]  701.423 ms  700.644 ms  700.937 ms

Which you can validate with devices such as these

$ dig +short AS32934.asn.cymru.com TXT
"32934 | US | arin | 2004-08-24 | FACEBOOK - Facebook, Inc."

Then you would certainly get their prefixes making use of a lookup service

$ lynx --dump https://www.dan.me.uk/bgplookup?asn=32934 2>&1 | grep AS32934
   IPv4 Prefixes seen at AS32934:       [AS32934]
     2620:0:1c00::/40     [AS32934]      [AS32934]      [AS32934]      [AS32934]      [AS32934]      [AS32934]      [AS32934]      [AS32934]       [AS32934]       [AS32934]       [AS32934]

You can after that feed the prefixes right into your firewall program.

Certainly, If I am an established customer, I can make use of any one of the free proxies around providing this entire blog post moot.

2019-12-03 05:06:13