Do rndc keys run out after a year?

The other day, I saw a mistake in a bind area documents, and also after remedying it, I attempted to reactivate bind9, yet the solution rejected to stop, presenting this mistake :

rndc: connect failed: connection refused

I located a great deal of referrals to this mistake message, without noticeable solutions, yet there were a great deal of referrals to rndc.key and also rndc - confgen. I saw that the day on the existing rndc.key was specifically one year from the day prior to I had this trouble. I recognized I had not reactivated bind in the meanwhile, so I assumed that the key had actually run out. I created a new key with rndc - confgen - a. I needed to compel a reactivate, as I could not stop the bind solution ; ever since, bind has actually been functioning penalty

The noticeable verdict is that rndc.key runs out after a year. I have actually not located this stated in the male web pages or documents for bind9 that I've examined, and also I would certainly assume it was a vital factor if real. Can any person validate if this is the criterion, or if there is some means to set up the expiry day?

2019-12-02 03:11:47
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"Connection refused" suggests that the port had not been open, so bind had not been in fact paying attention at that address on that particular port. Whatever the factor for it, it likely had not been a run out key of any kind of kind.

2019-12-03 05:05:15