How to deal with Samba read and also write approvals for directory sites in an ext4 dividing?

I have 2 GNU/Linux distors mounted on my laptop computer : ubuntu and also archlinux. I have actually symlinked some diectories from archlinux is residence directory site to directory sites in the ubuntu residence directoy. Those symlinked directory sites have write and also read accessibility on ubuntu CLI and also GUI. Yet they can not be surfed or opened up if the ubuntu residence directory site is accessed as a samba share on home windows equipments. Just how can I make them writable for samba also? This is the etry for archlinux dividing on ubuntu fstab documents.

/dev/sda3       /media/arch   ext4    relatime    0       2
2019-12-02 03:12:04
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modify your samba conf documents (primarily/ etc/samba/smb. conf and also add the lines listed below :

follow symlinks = yes
wide symlinks = yes
unix extensions = no

Restart samba.

For even more details browse through this string in Ubuntu discussion forums :

2019-12-03 05:06:02