Ubuntu Backup Solution to backup a networked placed drive to the neighborhood disk, and also with a gui

I'm running an inner network LAMP web server on ubuntu 10.10. I have an additional ubuntu working on an older pay per click g5 with a 640gb drive in it. I would certainly such as to run some software program on that particular G5 that does some photo and also archiving over the network of the information working on my light web server.

Preferably i would certainly such as something that has a straightforward admin gui that permits me to surf and also recover documents.

What would certainly be an excellent item of software program?

Something like the MAC OS X Time one



2019-12-02 03:12:57
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Just mounted http://backintime.le-web.org/

It is outstanding. jobs what just how I desired it to function, nonetheless

I have not had the ability to surf a network drive yet. Got ta exercise just how to place the network drive. Any kind of pointers?

many thanks

2019-12-03 05:24:29

I constantly made use of rsync or rsnapshot , yet some coworkers suggestions me to make use of Bacula . http://www.bacula.org/

Bacula is an Open Source program for backup remedy in a company/enterprise setting with a full Gui for all the backup, recover and also upkeep procedures.

2019-12-03 05:23:09

I actually like Deja Dup, the user interface is actually straightforward and also assistance network backup (additionally in the cloud with solutions like Amazon S3)

Install : deja-dup Install deja-dup

Obviously backup in filesystem or exterior drives is additionally sustained.

Screenshots :

Note that Deja Dup sustains step-by-step back-ups!

2019-12-03 05:09:32