Is this sort of clash usual? cream/ compiz, or is it a bug?

I've obtained a weird scenario occurring with a "cream" dialog ...

Can any person else replicate this practices, or is it simply my system?
... or is it a bug?

My setups
Lucid 10.04
Compiz filter : "Scale" - - "Initiate Window Picker". Binding : initiate_edge = Top Left

cream : Run it made best use of , or at the very least with its leading side touching the lower side of the panel..
... In a scrap documents, type "yyuryyubicuryy4me."
... Exit cream (Alt+F4, computer mouse, menu, no matter which)
... In the Yes/No/Cancel dialog, click "No" (or any kind of switch)

The trouble :
Any activity on the dialog creates Compiz to present its "Initiate Window Picker" window!

The trouble setup (?)
When I transform the initiate_edge readying to None , the practices is regular.

I do not make use of cream a lot, yet I do not remember it doing this when I first attempted it a couple of weeks ago (yet possibly it did, and also I really did not take notice of it).

Is this a cream bug?

2019-12-02 03:13:20
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Answers: 1

I've simply attempted gvim under the very same problems. It acted effectively.

Also if cream was acting generally a month earlier, it isn't currently. ... due to the fact that they both make use of the very same variation of gvim , the concern is one-of-a-kind to cream .

Well, whatever is creating this, be it cream or another thing, the net outcome is a "bug".

I'll uninstall cream and also usage gvim ... Problem addressed!

2019-12-03 01:10:17