Why are mostly all plans noted as by hand mounted?

I simply mounted Maverick and also was stunned that mostly all plans are noted as by hand mounted (linux - headers and also cordless - crda aren't). Does not that beat the objective of the distinction in between instantly and also by hand mounted plans?

2019-12-02 03:13:31
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Seems my Google powers were damaged : this is a known bug (focus on remarks from Colin Watson) and also it is spending time for time without solution visible :

Quoting Colin Watson :
[ ... ] Leaving all plans as by hand mounted is undesirable yet the effects of this bug are usually restricted to not taking care of to be brilliant adequate to remove plans that aren't required anymore. An imperfection in the reverse instructions would certainly be a lot even worse, due to the fact that it can create plans to be gotten rid of when they are still required. Considered that there does not appear to be a plainly proper solution readily available, it is far better to air [sic ] on the side of care. [ ... ]
2019-12-03 05:16:48