Solving approval troubles when making use of exterior EXT4 hard drive with numerous linux mounts

I have an exterior hard drive and also given that I just make use of Ubuntu and also Fedora I determine to layout my hard drive to ext4 every little thing is great.

The trouble is when I place the drive I require to transform the approval so I can read and also write.

What sort of approval should I make use of? adm my customer name?

2019-12-02 03:13:34
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The most basic remedy is to see to it your Ubuntu & Fedora customer accounts have the very same customer id (UID).

I assume Fedora begins customer accounts at 500 by default, while Debian & Ubuntu start them at 1000, so it is likely that in one OS you are customer number 500 and also in the various other you are customer number 1000. The documents system utilizes this UID number to track permissions, so if you see to it they have the very same UID, they will certainly be taken into consideration the very same customer, and also no approval concerns will certainly take place.

I assume the most effective you can do is make them both UID = 1000, so transform the UID in the Fedora system, after that see to it all files on the exterior disk and also in the customer is $HOME in the Fedora install are possessed by UID 1000. Afterwards you need to have no approval troubles any longer.

2019-12-03 05:33:55

In/ etc/fstab you can place uid = 1000 (in Ubuntu - - it is 500 in Fedora) for the drive to be possessed by your customer (thinking you are the first customer, yada yada yada ... otherwise, your customer is uid from id) and also umask = 000 if you desired all users to have accessibility (or 077 for simply the one defined by uid = - - it is a mask, so you place the reverse of what you would certainly chmod as)

For even more details on making use of/ etc/fstab :

2019-12-03 05:29:09

Lame though it might be of me, I'm mosting likely to need to address the inquiry with an additional inquiry. If all we are speaking about is for one OS, after that it would certainly be either

sudo chown -R (user name) /dev/(device name)

( ubuntu )

or simply

chown -R (user name) /dev/(device name)

fedora - no sudo, simply run the command from origin.

The noodle scratcher component, and also the component I do not have any kind of excellent solutions for, is just how to make it so you do not need to by hand retype when you go back and also forth in between distros. I would certainly virtually be attracted to add the line to my ~/.bashrc, yet there is possibly a far better means I do not recognize or have not considered yet.

2019-12-03 05:09:35