Is There *Any * Way To Increase Internal Memory?

Ok, also to me this inquiry appears foolish yet I allow is simply select "the just foolish inquiry is the one not asked".

I have virtually 14Gb free on my SD card yet the Motorola Droid just has 128Mb inner so I am frequently dealing with "low memory" cautions. I have actually relocated every application that I can to my SD card. This is not just a problem, for some applications (* coughing *AnythingGoogle *coughing *) I need to pick to either have Widget capability or compromise my priceless inner room.

Inquiry : Is it literally feasible for me to update this inner memory?
Although I think addressing that inquiry will certainly heal my distress, I will certainly open it better to ask : Do you have a referral on what I can do in different ways (apart from simply delete your crap! ). As I claimed, I have a lot of (SD) room so I locate it stupid to need to make sacrifices as a result of these brief - views in this phone is layout (nevertheless, that would certainly ever before have an application bigger than 1k, right? You'll never ever resemble making use of 128Mb ...).

2019-12-02 03:13:37
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Theoretically, certainly, you can change your hardware. Yet this is not from another location viable for 99% people.

One point you can do - - if you root - - is to install numerous applications that will certainly permit you to relocate extra to the SD card. You can additionally attempt a personalized ROM that is smaller sized than the supply ROM. If rooted you will certainly additionally have the ability to uninstall crapware system applications (take care not to touch the vital onces).

2019-12-03 05:19:45