How do I unlock an Optimus T? Exists a "vanilla" firmware I can make use of?

I'm a seasoned iphone programmer, and also I simply acquired my first Android phone, made use of, on The phone is service provider secured and also I'm aiming to exchange in my apple iphone SIM card. (I have an adapter.)

The phone is service provider secured. Exists a means to origin or get rid of the firmware to unlock it, or must I make use of an unlock code? If so, what are my alternatives for getting claimed code?

2019-12-02 03:13:39
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Unfortunately it appears your only alternative is an unlock code, I've simply done a search. This XDA thread has a pair means to get involved in the unlock screen so you can enter the code.

Your alternatives for get the unlock code are to ask the service provider the phone is secured to - - they could offer it to you if they are really feeling wonderful - - or to acquire it online. There are no trustworthy vendors of unlock codes online, certainly, yet you can look about and also locate a person whose experience appears trusted and also make use of the very same solution that they did.

2019-12-03 05:24:33