No accessibility to Samba shares

I have 3 common folders in my neighborhood residence directory site - that is to claim, on my Ubuntu desktop computer is/ home/me/. All were set up making use of "Sharing Options" in Nautilus' appropriate - click food selection. The typical "Music" and also "Videos" folders are set up identically : the "Guest Access" box is examined, yet the "Allow others to create and also delete" is not. The 3rd folder, called "shared", is set up to not permit Guest accessibility yet to permit others to change documents. I have not transformed /etc/samba/smb.conf by hand, I have actually just made use of Sharing Options to create and also change these so - called "shares".

My flatmates have 2 Windows 7 computer systems and also one Ubuntu Netbook Remix netbook. I have the abovementioned desktop computer equipment and also laptop computer running 10.04. None of these equipments can access any one of the shares. Efforts to access the Guest shares cause the message

\\machine\directory is not accessible. The network name could not be found.

This is the mistake message created by a VM running Windows 2000. The various other Windows equipments create a comparable mistake. The Ubuntu laptop computer offers the mistake Unable to mount location: Failed to mount Windows share. Hurrah, once more, for insightful mistake messages. That actually aids a whole lot.

When trying to surf the folder called "shared" from the laptop computer, I'm challenged with a password dialog. This actions coincides will certainly all equipments I've attempted in the scenario. On entering my username and also password for the account to which the shares belong, the password dialog briefly goes away and also is changed with a the same dialog. No mistake message, valuable or otherwise, shows up.

When trying to surf this folder with the VM, the end result coincides other than that the password dialog favorably mentions "incorrect username or password". My presumption is that the username and also password concerned is that of the customer which possesses the shares. I have actually attempted all various other username and also password mixes readily available in this context and also the end result coincides.

I would love to have the ability to share documents. Sharing them with Windows equipments is a wonderful attribute, or would certainly be if it was readily available. Actually I take into consideration sharing documents in between 2 equipments with the very same variation of the very same os sort of a minimum problem for network use.

Samba last operated accurately for me greater than 10 years earlier. I have actually tried to utilize it on and also off ever since with just recurring success.

Oh, and also "Personal File Sharing" from the Preferences food selection does not cause an access in Places → Network → my - server. Actually, the old access "MY - SERVER" vanishes and also is changed by "koanhead is public documents on my - server", which when I try to open it from the laptop computer offers a "DBus.Error.NoReply : Message did not receive a reply."

I recognize I come below and also gripe concerning Ubuntu a whole lot, yet on the various other hand I invest essentially hrs on a daily basis attempting to deal with points in Ubuntu. It is an excellent system which desires success, which is why points similar to this either

  1. Need to function ; or

  2. Be appropriately recorded.

Preferably both would certainly hold true. Anyhow, tirade over. With any luck a person will certainly have some understanding on this concern. Many thanks all that trouble to read this wall surface o'text for your time.

2019-12-02 03:14:05
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I'm sorry to inform this, yet I had very same trouble, my computer system were undetected in LAN, afterwards I re-installed the system (clear reinstall with complete format) and also every little thing functioned penalty.

2019-12-05 02:42:44

I generally do it by editing and enhancing the conf documents. I did this : sudo nano /etc/samba/smb.conf, and also included this at the end of the documents.

     comment = My Files
     path = /home/me
     read only = yes
     write list = koanhead
     guest ok = yes

At 'write checklist' state your system username, to make sure that you just have write approval. On the windows equipment type this at run : \\ip - of - the - samba - pc\shared. On ubuntu equipment open documents internet browser and also type this at the area bar smb://ip-of-the-samba-pc/shared

2019-12-03 05:47:03

I think need to examine wether or otherwise you have firewall/iptables regulations stopping it. If you are not exactly sure most convenient means is (as well as additionally take care of iptables in future) to install ufw and also

sudo ufw allow samba
sudo ufw enable
2019-12-03 05:33:40

This is not a solution, yet extra like a comment, given that I do not appear to have the advantage to comment yet. I'm not stunned that your flatmate makes use of Windows 7. I occasionally have problem sharing documents in between Windows XP and also Windows 7.

I made use of to work with an Windows XP computer system with Ubuntu running in VMware, and also transfer documents via sharing using Samba. When I attempted the very same arrangement with Windows 7, no pleasure.

It feels like there is something that is transformed in Windows 7. So unless you are having concerns showing to an Windows XP, I would not specifically claim Samba was extra trusted 10 years earlier.

reference below and/or attempt to get more recent variations of Samba

2019-12-03 05:20:44

I'm assuming he does not have any kind of samba customers.

sudo smbpasswd -a <username>  
gksu gedit /etc/samba/smbusers  
2019-12-03 05:17:03