Passing the Meat Circus degree on Psychonauts

I've been appreciating Psychonauts greatly, and also I assume the trouble development was all great and also well - till the last degree, the feared meat circus.

I simply can not make it - the protecting-flying-kid-from-rabbits point took me countless attempts to finish, and also I obtained entirely stuck when gliding on the steel shaft, there's a double void there I simply can not clear. I attempt to glide quickly and also leap as soon as - I drop, I attempt to go slow-moving and also leap two times - I drop, I attempt to go in-between and also leap two times - I can not time it right.

And also I recognized it gets back at harder afterwards component.

Can any person share any kind of methods in passing that degree, or exists some type of spot to resolve it, or anything?

2019-05-04 17:54:20
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The degree is actually hard, yes, yet it's satisfactory, below are some pointers :

  • Protecting Olly : Do not focus on the fantasies, wait till you reach the last teleportation factor, simply focus on shielding Olly. Do not make use of complication bombs on the bunny, simply select it up with TeleKinesis and also wait till Olly gets here there. The sword throwers component, they constantly cough prior to tossing the sword, so integrate with them.

  • The Tunnel of Love : Go quickly on the first component, where there are a couple of voids in advance. On the 2nd component, where there are a number of 3-gap collections, go a little slower, yet not also slow-moving or you will not get to the various other component. You will certainly get to an outdoor tents.

  • Prior To Entering The Tent : Now it is the moment to return and also accumulate fantasies, webs and also whatever you desire. After you do that, enter the outdoor tents.

  • First Battle with the Butcher : Wear Levitation. The Butcher has this pattern : 1) Low lower (dive to escape it), 2) Lateral move (maintain away from him), 3) Floor smashing. When he wrecks his blade, it will certainly penetrate the ground. Utilize this minute to leap over its arm and also struck him in the head. Do that 3 times.

  • The Big Top : This component is the actual PITA. You actually require to improve your platformer abilities. There are 2 actually aggravating components : when you get to the 3 ropes that are one over an additional, and also the spiraling fencing.

    • The 3 ropes : Notice that they are not entirely identical, yet instead likely. If you attempt to get the trap its greater elevation, you will certainly shed a priceless added 2nd to shed the swing, attempt constantly to get it from its lower elevation, hence you take care of to escape the bombs. You can additionally make use of invisibility below to escape the bombs too. If you're currently at ranking 95, you will not need to bother with the bombs, they do not make you drop, and also they just take a percentage of psychological wellness, sufficient to restore it promptly.

    • The Spiraling Fence : This is the component I obtained stuck for a long period of time. I located that to pass this component I needed to get to the left extreme of each fencing, side dive to the left (do not move forward yet). After you leap to the left, promptly make use of levitation and also move forward to get to the next fencing. You will certainly control it quickly sufficient.

    • The staircases : If you're fast sufficient, you can get to the staircases and also slide youself down right prior to the water gets to the staircase. Yet if the water gets to the staircase, you are still able to leap high sufficient with levitation and also rise right. The water will not be a trouble.

  • 2nd fight with the butcher : The butcher remains in fires, so you will not have the ability to touch him. Simply make use of telekinesis on your papas bombs and also toss them at him.

  • End of the world : Just escape when you're little bit, and also slap him when you're large.

Hope that aids, I located this overview really valuable :

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