Defragging an ext partition?

Why do not ext2/3/4 demand to be defragmented? Exists no fragmentation in all?

2019-05-04 17:58:31
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There is very little fragmentation as long as the disk isn't loaded way too much (so do not load a disk up way too much if you can prevent it).

2019-05-08 02:46:36

Modern filesystems, specifically those made to be reliable in multi-user and/or multi-tasking usage instances, do an excellent rather work of not breaking up information till filesystems come to be close to complete (there is no specific number for where the "close to complete" mark is as it relies on just how huge the filesystem is, the circulation of documents dimensions and also what your accessibility patterns are - numbers in between 85% and also 95% are generally priced estimate) or the pattern of documents productions and also creates is uncommon or the filesystem is older so has actually seen a great deal of "activity". This consists of ext2/3/4, reiser, btrfs, NTFS, ZFS, and also others.

There is presently no bit-/ filesystem- degree means to defragment ext3 or 4 presently (see for a little bit extra details) though ext4 is intended to quickly obtain on-line defragmentation.

There are user-land devices (such as and also others detailed because wikipedia write-up) that attempt defragment specific documents or collections of documents by copying/rewriting them - if there is a huge adequate block of vacuum this usually causes the documents being offered an adjoining block. This in no other way assures documents are near each various other though so if you run shake over a set of huge documents you migth locate is causes both documents being defragmented themselves yet not anywhere near each various other on the disk. In a multi-user filesystem the region of documents per various other isn't usually vital (it is absolutely lesser after that fragmentation of the documents themselves) as the drive heads are turning everywhere to offer various customer's demands anyhow and also this hushes the latency incentive that region of reference in between or else unfragmented documents would certainly offer yet on a primarily solitary customer system it can offer quantifiable advantages.

If you have a filesystem that has actually come to be severely fragmented with time and also presently has a reasonable quantity of vacuum after that running something like shake over all its documents can have the effet you are seeking. An additional method would certainly be to replicate all the information to a new filesystem, remove the initial, and afterwards replicate it back on once more. This aids in similar means shake does yet might be quicker for bigger quantities of information.

For percentages of fragmentation, simply do not bother with it. I recognize individuals that invest even more time rested seeing defragmentation progression bars than they'll ever before conserve (as a result of extra reliable disk accessibility) in numerous life times of regular procedure!

2019-05-08 02:36:23