What build order should I use for Zerg in StarCraft 2?

I'm acquainted with the basic technicians of the video game, yet what's the most effective construct order for the start of the video game?

2019-05-04 17:59:16
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Lately I've been making use of the Overpool construct not defined below:

  • 10 Extractor method to get 11/ 10.
  • 11 Overlord
  • 11 swimming pool as emperor is generating.

Making use of the drone from the extractor method to precursor and also bug, I can react as necessary promptly when the swimming pool coating. Make back spider to safeguard if there is very early stress. construct zerglings at 11 to harrass Fast development, or drone up as if it were a 13 swimming pool construct.

The Overpool is additionally the course to doing the quickest 7 Roach Rush.

2019-05-30 10:37:50

Just to add, you can construct the swimming pool after 6 drones if you intend to do a really rapid thrill. I dislike this strategy, yet have actually seen gamers utilize it.

2019-05-17 14:22:18

i do not recognize where 13 swimming pool originated from yet 14 swimming pool is typical, not 13.

i locate the most effective opening is 14 swimming pool 15 gas 15 emperor 16 cockroach warren/queen. you can accumulate to 6 zerglings if your looking locates something unsafe or spinecrawlers if you locate some type of allin strike coming, and also a fast 5 - 7 cockroaches will certainly allow you get very early map control and also pick whether to expand or technology. generally increasing after that teching to hydras is the appropriate solution, relying on what your challenger does.

2019-05-13 18:50:05

An opening determines just how you are mosting likely to start the suit.

The standard Zerg openings :

  • 6-- 10 Pool (Rush)
  • 13-- 14 Pool (Standard)
  • 14-- 15 Pool, 16 Hatch (Macro)
  • 14-- 15 Hatch, 15-- 16 Pool (Macro+)
  • 14 Gas, 14 Pool (Speedling)
  • 12 Pool (Sen Style)

How to read these : The number shows the variety of drones you need to have prior to your first framework. Given that you can just construct 10 prior to an emperor any kind of number over 10 shows constructing an emperor on 9 or 10 (9 or Extractor method is the premium selection). Swimming pool shows constructing a Spawning Pool. Hatch shows constructing a Hatchery. Gas, shows constructing a Vespene Extractor on your neighboring Vespene Geyser.

Which opening you pick generally relies upon 2 points :

  1. Your Opponent
  2. Your Build

The Rush : A Rush opening is always a done in, to make sure that is a choice you are making before beginning the suit.

Criterion : 13-- 14 swimming pool is taken into consideration typical play, it can conveniently bring about rapid exposition or 1 base or speedlings or any one of an additional points. It's taken into consideration typical play as a result of the alternatives it supplies you. I think Slush of Root Gaming still runs this construct.

Speedling : This is a strat that emerged near completion of Beta primarily on Korean web servers. If you construct your gas prior to your spawning swimming pool and also quickly toss 3 drones in it on conclusion, after that you will certainly have specifically 100 gas when your spawning swimming pool coatings. This brings about very early speedlings for hefty stress. Artosis is a huge supporter of this construct.

Macro and also Macro+ : Both of these are rapid development constructs made to rise a great very early economic situation. They are really at risk to hurries, and also call for excellent looking to sustain. The benefit of these is that if you can look when your challenger leaves his base you can promptly create a huge pressure that will certainly prepare equally as he gets here permitting you to resist the attack and also remain in far better financial placement. Idra and also Machine often tend to run this construct.

Sen runs a 12 swimming pool to offer him a bigger benefit versus extra hostile zerg challengers, which prevail on the eastern web server. Beyond him, it is not a preferred construct.

9 Overlord vs 10 Overlord

There has actually been a great deal of discussion regarding obtaining your emperor after your 9th drone or after your 10th drones. To add complication it is feasible to get your emperor after your 11th drones by constructing a vespene extractor, constructing the 11th drone and afterwards terminating the extractor to get your drone back. It is generally concurred that obtaining your Overlord on your 9th drone, or constructing it after your 10th and afterwards making use of the extractor method to get an 11th while your emperor is constructing are the far better selections.

There is some proof to show 9 emperor is a little far better.

I first created this blog post quickly after beta and also while a lot of what I created below still proves out there has actually been a change in the Meta video game because time. While 13-- 14 Pool is still a reliable approach, much more Zerg have actually changed in the direction of even more Macro oriented builds. 14-- 15 Hatch specifically has actually actually captured on in ZvT. Every little thing in the blog post continues to be legitimate yet I assume it's still rewarding to upgrade on several of the more recent growths.

2019-05-08 02:36:54