Apple Wireless (aluminium) Keyboard on Windows

I have an apple cordless keyboard which I am making use of with my windows computer and also it functions outstandingly, and also looks fantastic. All of it attaches great (specifically with a blinked dbt-120).

Nonetheless, I have not had wonderful success with obtaining all those valuable keys to collaborate with the Fn key. I've been making use of uawks as a means to get it functioning, yet it does not constantly function.

Has any person had success with any kind of various other devices to get the Fn key working (and also consequently developing faster ways to End, Home, Break, PgUp, etc?

I need to mention that this is not a mac computer system, it is a simple old computer.

2019-05-03 17:47:40
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I had problem with this specific trouble for months, and also at some point decided on uawks as the most effective remedy. Yes, the fn things can occasionally get a little rickety, yet it generally functions.

I started with scancode mapping, at some point created some AutoHotKey manuscripts in addition to Veil's dll to include fn key assistance, and also at some point uncovered that uawks did every little thing my things did yet with a wonderful little UI.

Uawks is simply a UI in addition to AutoHotKey manuscripts, so you can constantly enter and also fine-tune the code to sustain your very own brand name of hotkeys. You can include a little scancode mapping if you require to do something that uawks/AutoHotKey has concerns with.

My last remedy to the trouble finished with me acquiring a Mac, so there is constantly that.

2019-05-12 03:09:33

You can attempt the Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator which needs to permit you to specify the keyboard mappings.

EDIT : and also this blog post could offer you some pointers on just how to utilize it with an Apple keyboard

2019-05-08 16:58:01

When you run windows using bootcamp, and also make use of the osx install disk - it mounts vehicle drivers for this, consisting of a program that runs in the history for the keyboard.

modify : simply mentioning its an assistant program

2019-05-07 16:40:58