What are excellent builds for 'Brick'?

I play borderlands, and also presently have a degree 55 Brick personality.
What are some excellent builds for Brick, and also which constructs are one of the most functional?

2019-05-04 18:13:54
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In my experience, rocket launchers are WILDLY underpowered, which suggests you're far better off steering clear of from them. Block's berserk setting can be definitely impressive when you level it up appropriately. I would certainly advise functioning down the Brawler and also Tank trees virtually equally ; the last abilities in both trees aren't that impressive, yet still excellent. There are additionally some excellent abilities in the Blaster tree, as long as you steer clear of from points that enhance rockets just ; shotguns and also gatling gun are your close friends.

Below is an instance of a Centurion construct :


You can rather conveniently say factors around a little bit relying on your play design, yet if you like berserking, you'll enjoy with this one.

2019-05-08 02:11:55