Why does my Macbook not locate my cordless network?

We have a Belkin router, a desktop computer COMPUTER attached using LAN wire, and also numerous other tools attached using wifi. Our Macbook linked penalty till updated to Leopard whereupon it simply all out rejected to connect. Absolutely nothing adjustment on the router side and also the setups in the Macbook show up the very same.

Any kind of ides on what may be the concern below?

2019-05-03 22:49:06
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Answers: 2

Please add some details.

1) If you attach the MacBook making use of a LAN wire, every little thing functions simply great?

2) Does your Macbook show the Belkin router network if you show networks (from the Airport symbol in the food selection bar)?

3) Can you connect by hand?

4) What sort of protection do you use on the Belkin router? A LAN_cable link is not troubled by WEP, WPA or MAC - address - filtering system, yet a WiFi link is.

You can install Growl+HardwareGrowl (http://growl.info/extras.php) to see on Growl what your MacBook attaches to.

2019-05-16 20:24:34

I had this trouble a couple of weeks ago - it ended up that a firmware upgrade on the router permitted the Mac to see the network. I'm not also clear on the specifics of why, yet that would certainly be my very first step, without a doubt

2019-05-12 16:52:12