Software program for addressing geometry inquiries

When I made use of to complete in Olympiad Competitions back in senior high school, a suitable variety of the less complicated geometry inquiries were understandable by what we called a geometry celebration. Primarily, you would certainly classify every angle in the layout with the variable after that make use of a minimal set of standard geometry procedures to locate relationships in between the components, remove formulas and afterwards you 'd at some point get the outcome. It feels like the example you can program a computer system to do. So, I'm interested, does there exist any kind of software program to do this? I recognize there is great deals of software program for addressing formulas, yet exists anything that allows you in fact input a geometry trouble without by hand transforming to formulas? I'm not seeking anything also advance, also seeing simply an effort would certainly be intriguing. If there is anything suitable, I assume it would certainly be instead intriguing to run the outcomes on numerous competitors and also see the amount of of the inquiries it addresses.

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You could be curious about Doron Zeilberger's internet site. He has actually a web page qualified "Plane Geometry : An Elementary Textbook (Circa 2050)" where he pictured a globe in which computer systems can acquire every one of aircraft geometry without human treatment or disturbance. The coming with Maple plan confirms several declarations by computer system.

The web page exists at

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This is simply a grandfather clause of computerized theory confirmation. A wonderful point is some geometry trouble can without a doubt be addressed by an algorithm.

There are concepts show such system can be understood algorithmically. I do not recognize if any person have actually created the program to do it. JGEX appears to do that.

A mechanical geometry evidence strategy was promoted in China by Jingzhong Zhang. He first presented it as a means for equipments to address geometric troubles connecting the percentages in between locations, sizes or angles. After that some Olympiad individuals I recognize start utilizing it to slam that sort of trouble. I do not recognize what the name remains in English, yet an actual translation of the method is "factor elimination method". Although it's not specifically like what you are speaking about, due to the fact that "input a geometry trouble" needs you to give the building and construction of the trouble from a straight side and also a compass, which is virtually like "by hand transforming to formulas".

the keynote :

  1. Construct the initial trouble by compass and also straightedge, make a checklist of every created factor gotten by the order of building and construction, allow it be L. Record which factors are made use of in the building and construction of every factor. (Only the factors made use of to construct factor P are made use of in the replacement actions 3 and also 4)

  2. Translate the theory right into an equal kind. Generally a/b = 1, where an and also b are features of size and also location of particular sectors or triangulars. Allow's call this formula E.

  3. Let P be the last factor of L. For every P shows up in E, replace it with an additional relationship making use of various other factors from L (P itself is additionally permitted), generally if we are confirming concerning sizes, we could make use of location. A checklist of feasible procedures are needed for this action. It can branches off as an evidence tree when the program determine to make use of various replacements.

  4. Do an additional replacement that removes the factor P. For instance, if in the action in the past, we replace size to location, after that we intend to locate something entail the size.

  5. Do 3 to 4 over and also over till we have 1 = 1

An instance :

Angle bisector theory

Given : $AD$ is the angle bisector of $\angle BAC$ of triangular $\triangle ABC$. Allow $XYZ$ be the location of triangular $\triangle XYZ$, and also $XY$ be the size of sector $XY$.

Confirm : $\frac{AB}{AC} = \frac{BD}{DC}$

Proof :

  1. First construct $ABC$. After that construct $AD$. The factors in the checklist $L$ are $A,B,C,D$.

  2. The equal formula to the theory is $\frac{AB}{AC} \frac{DC}{BD} = 1$

  3. $\frac{AB}{AC} \frac{DC}{BD} = \frac{AB}{AC} \frac{ACD}{ABD}$ (replacement size with location)

  4. $=\frac{AB}{AC} \frac{\frac{1}{2} AC\cdot AD \sin \angle CAD}{\frac{1}{2} AB\cdot AD \sin \angle BAD}$, this action efficiently remove factor $D$ by termination.

  5. $=\frac{AB}{AC} \frac{AC}{AB} =1$

This is just a non - official description of just how such computerized system would certainly function. I assume the adhering to publication from Zhang will certainly inform you extra concerning it : Machine evidence in geometry : computerized manufacturing of legible evidence for geometry theories. I did not read guide, yet the summary of it feels like what you are looking for. A few paper by Zhang and his colleague can be located in the JGEX's internet site. The JGEX documentation on it's automated theorem prover is additionally a wonderful source.

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