Is it feasible to play a Games for Windows Live video game and also usage Xbox Live at the very same time?

I acquired Dawn of War 2 for the COMPUTER I faced a trouble:

When I play DoW2 it logs me right into my Games for Windows/Xbox "Live" account, the very same I make use of for my Xbox. This is generally simply great, yet my better half actually appreciates making use of Netflix Streaming on the Xbox. So when she discharges up the Xbox when I remain in the center of a DoW2 suit, I'm ousted. The very same takes place to Netflix if I start up DoW2.

I've tried to clarify the concern to both Microsoft assistance (no solution) and also Relic (really did not recognize my inquiry).

Does any person recognize a remedy to this, apart from making use of a various Live make up one or the various other (demand Live Gold to make use of Netflix, I'm not spending for 2, and also desire very same real-time account to maintain achievements in the very same place)?

2019-05-04 18:47:49
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Its like making use of the very same account on 2 xbox. You can not do it.

Currently there are noticeable reasons that Microsoft does not desire you to be able to make use of the very same account greater than as soon as (which are worsened by DLC), yet the lower line is : you can just be logged right into the very same account in one area at once.

Currently you could intend to take into consideration the new Family Pack, which is coming quickly. Or streaming your Netflix to a COMPUTER.

The brief solution though, is : No

2019-05-08 04:32:37