What is an excellent approach to play FreeCol?

The amount of devices of individuals should continue to be in the first negotiation? Is it far better to create even more negotiations really quickly?

2019-05-04 18:53:19
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It actually relies on your conditions, if you get even more individuals than a master farmer or fisher can sustain it's my general rule to expand, yet if it's also unsafe to expand, or it would certainly spread you also slim, after that never mind, play it secure. In very early FreeCol video games it's far better to play mindful after that to go for it, due to the fact that very early blunder will certainly cost you your video game, I suggest, unless you do not mind reactivating certainly!

2019-05-12 01:36:03

My individual approach is fairly especially to remove the devices from the first leader. Market them to a neighboring Indian town.

After that utilize this loan in Europe to acquire Trade Goods and also repeat till you have adequate loan to please obtaining of to an excellent start. Similar to communities I such as to expand at the price where I can leave at the very least one item of weapons in every community from the start.

That is I do not construct a new community till I have weapons and also at the very least one homesteader in "excess" in a neighboring town. Second of all I generally do not attempt to construct much more swarms than Indian towns nearby as these are generally vital sources in the very early video game.

Later, this adjustments extra to the variety of communities I can sensibly safeguard and/or communities close sufficient that profession in between them is sensibly fast (i.e. not going across huge hairs of map).

2019-05-12 01:30:51