Starting the equipment making use of the Ubuntu 10.04 installer CD

  • I am attempting to install Ubuntu 10.04 on my equipment which currently has Windows Vista and also Fedora mounted.

  • I make use of GRUB to get the boot food selection. The GRUB screen looks something similar to this (has a fedora logo design near the bottom)

  • The trouble is that when I insert the CD and also attempt too, it takes me straight to the GRUB food selection for Fedora/Vista, absolutely nothing for Ubuntu.

  • So, I attempted Ubuntu's CD boot assistant to aid me boot from the CD, and also I get this mistake

  • The BIOS claims that I need to push F2 for arrangement and also F12 for boot alternatives. I attempted them. Absolutely nothing takes place other than that it goes right to the GRUB food selection.

What should I do?

Initially uploaded here, did not get a remedy till currently.

2019-05-04 19:13:17
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You need to have the ability to simply change your BIOS boot order setups to make the BIOS examine the CD - ROM drive prior to the hard drive. It's that straightforward, generally.

2019-05-08 14:22:50

It was a foolish trouble.

My equipment has function keys that require to be pushed in mix of Fn key (contrary to what exists in the majority of laptop computers). So, I was attempting simply that (Fn+F2, Fn+F12).

Ends up while booting, you require to push F2 without the Fn key.

2019-05-08 13:57:12

The Ubuntu Boot CD Helper can not contact the MBR of the disk. Though I have actually never ever utilized it, I can think this is due to the fact that you do not have a Windows bootloader mounted there, you have grub.

Opportunities are that you are making use of a usb key-board (please do define) and also USB Legacy Support is not made it possible for in your mobo. This provides it pointless till the OS lots the ideal vehicle drivers for the USB ports. A 'fast' means to function about this is to connect in a ps2 key-board (if you have one).

Conversely, you can set grub too from the cdrom drive.

Boot right into Fedora,

~ # sudo vi/ boot/grub/menu. lst

And adhering to from the last line, add

title CDROM

origin (hd0,0) (this will certainly undergo your schema, you will certainly require to position the ideal tool name below)

bit/ boot/grub/memdisk. container

initrd/ boot/grub/sbootmgr. dsk

See if that jobs.

An additional choice would certainly be to recover the boot field from windows and afterwards make use of the Ubuntu CD Boot Helper.

Have not done it myself on Windows7, yet if I remember corretly, it entailed running

fixmbr. fixboot

This will, certainly, reset your boot field to a state where you can just boot windows. Yet upon having the ability to install Ubuntu, you will certainly have the ability to add an access for Fedora also.


(And apologies concerning the inadequate format, I am still checking into it).

2019-05-08 06:07:05