Permitting consumers to modify fixed internet site using WYSIWYG

I've set a couple of customers up with Adobe (formerly Macromedia) Contribute to modify fixed html content. Add the remarks to stop them from creating way too much damages and also it functions all right:

<!-- TemplateBeginEditable name="UserEditedSection" -->
<p>stuff the user can edit</p>
<!-- TemplateEndEditable  -->

So my inquiries:

  1. Exist any kind of Contribute rivals that are rewarding?

  2. Exist any kind of Contribute rivals that do not call for an item of desktop computer software program?

  3. Exist any kind of Contribute rivals that work with mobile (iPad, apple iphone, Android, Blackberry?)

2019-05-04 19:23:53
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CouchCMS ( additionally appears to be an excellent choice to Contribute. It makes use of XHTML tags to define editable areas within existing HTML web pages (similar to numerous various other mini CMSes), nonetheless it beams when it involves developing duplicated web pages out of any kind of existing web page.

2019-05-22 18:44:32

If you are seeking a "rival to contribute," one of the most usual one I've listened to utilized it Dreamweaver, also available from Adobe. But, this is additionally an item of desktop computer software program.

2019-05-09 10:44:47

If you simply intend to permit them to change a couple of fixed messages on the website, I advise CushyCMS

You simply placed some html tags around the locations you intend to make editable, you offer CushyCMS your ftp accessibility, and also you're done. Really really simple.

2019-05-09 10:42:00

Check out the new Aloha Editor.

Aloha Editor makes HTML5 contenteditable feasible - currently. All significant internet browsers sustain contenteditable. Yet they give no user interface or perhaps damage the HTML resource code. Contenteditable is the heart of Aloha Editor and also makes it to globes most innovative Editor. With Aloha Editor you are one action more detailed to the leaving new globe that features HTML5. The future of content editing and enhancing. Readily available currently with Aloha Editor.

It permits you to straight modify components on the web page, no unique CMS backends called for. Can most definitely make life less complicated if your customers aren't so practically inclined. They simply start editing and enhancing what they see right there on the web page where they see it.

2019-05-09 10:38:16

Some suggestions:

  • Amaya by W3C, open resource
  • WYSWYGPro can be installed on a website - No desktop computer software program (does refrain job asked for)
  • TinyMCE Javascript WYSIWYG editor - No desktop computer software program (does refrain job asked for)

I have not any kind of individual experience with any one of them.

2019-05-09 10:10:59

For tiny internet sites you can create a Google Docs make up your consumer and also have a record for each and every website. If you enable sharing on the record, after that you can draw it from the server - side and also present it in their internet site. To them, all they see is the Google editor and also their adjustments quickly come to be real-time when they refill their internet site.

2019-05-08 15:06:48


I've been making use of CKEditor in my exclusive content monitoring system for time. It is JavaScript based with a large amount of configurability. Consumers appear to be able to manage it all right and also it gives adequate power to create some really thorough HTML without touching the raw HTML.

2019-05-08 13:42:40

Here are a couple of various alternatives of less complex CMS's, organized and also downloadable :

  • PageLime (Hosted, Commercial, Liberate to 3 websites)
  • SnappySnippets (Hosted, Commercial, Free for less complex websites)
  • CushyCMS (Hosted, Commercial, Free for unbranded websites)
  • MarkupFactory (Hosted, Commercial, 30 - Day Free Trial)
  • Nuggetz (PHP, Flat File, BSD Certificate)
  • Pulse (PHP, Flat File)
  • Phpns (PHP, MySQL, GPL)
  • OneFileCMS (PHP, Flat File, CC Certificate)
  • GetSimple (PHP, XML Flat File DB, GPL)
  • Pixie (PHP, MySQL, GPL)

For an extra thorough checklist of CMS alternatives, look into OpenSourceCMS. You'll locate all type of non - organized alternatives there, varying from the most basic remedies to extra intricate, each with a trial to make sure that you attempt it out prior to downloading and install. Keep in mind that I've not made use of any one of these, so I can not make a referral of one over a various other, yet with any luck you'll locate something valuable.

2019-05-08 11:28:56

Personally I make use of Drupal for such points. Drupal is a content monitoring system, it takes a little bit to get arrangement and also a programmer can be pricey if you intend to do anything actual fancy, yet completion outcome is generally an excellent website. If it is arrangement well after that it is very easy to make use of additionally.

extra details at

2019-05-08 06:26:41

Honestly, I would certainly advise developing one. (and also when you do, release it as open resource! ) CushyCMS, if I recognize appropriately, needs they recognize your ftp information? Eek. Additionally, I'm not one for relying on an outdoors solution like that. It's also high-risk : they can go under, and afterwards all your customers seethe at you.

2019-05-07 20:47:05

Perch is a superb and also straightforward CMS. I do not recognize CushyCMS, yet - from what I can inform - both are rather comparable.

2019-05-07 20:26:39