Emacs sync w/ Google Calendar and also Contacts?

Exists a means to make use of Emacs to sync with Google Calendar and also Google Contacts, preferably maintaining a neighborhood duplicate so I can access them offline?

2019-05-04 20:09:31
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For Google Calendar, I have a one means sync arrangement efficiently. Emacs brings my schedules at start-up and also transfers it in the emacs journal. This is after that presented by org - setting in the schedule, yet you can set it up anyhow you desire.

For returning to Google Calendar, I have yet arrangement anything as I do not require it that a lot. Nonetheless, I assume it would certainly be rather very easy to have a function that includes an access in the journal and also calls googlecl to add an access in your google schedule.

To bring the schedules, I have the adhering to in my.emacs (not that this is not my code, it originates from the org - setting newsletter, yet I can not bear in mind where I located it specifically):

(setq mark-diary-entries-in-calendar t)
(defun getcal (url)
  "Download ics file and add to diary"
  (let ((tmpfile (url-file-local-copy url)))
    (icalendar-import-file tmpfile "~/diary" t)
    (kill-buffer (car (last (split-string tmpfile "/"))))
(setq google-calendars '(
(defun getcals ()
  (find-file "~/diary")
  (flush-lines "^[& ]")
  (dolist (url google-calendars) (getcal url))
  (kill-buffer "diary"))

Replace "http://www.google.com/calendar/ical/DFSDFSDFSDFASD/basic.ics" with the links to the schedules you intend to bring (you locate it at the end of the arrangement web page of each schedule in google schedule). You can add as several as you desire.

Currently, you can simply call (getcals) when you intend to bring the schedules. You can place this in your.emacs to do it at start-up, yet it could delay your start-up.

To have org - setting present the journal access in the schedule, simply add (setq org-agenda-include-diary t) in your.emacs. See the org-mode manual for information.

2019-05-21 08:18:51

Unfortunately, I am incapable to offer a full solution. All I have is suggestions concerning some feasible courses to stray down.

The most convenient course would certainly be if the emacs-g-client that Gilles stated in the SU variation of this inquiry functions. If that does not function, I would certainly check into the adhering to :

  • At the really the very least you need to have the ability to get some schedule capability by accessing your google schedule making use of ical. The function icalendar-import-file can import an ical documents to a emacs journal documents (icalendar-import-file documents). Hence, in your.emacs submit you can have a little emacs lisp to get the google schedule ical documents and also import it right into your journal. If you do wind up making use of org - setting there are a variety of means to incorporate org - setting with journal - setting.

  • I assume that the best objective would certainly be to take advantage of the gdata api. I do not assume that there is a very easy means to get accessibility to Google calls beyond this api. There is a command line energy that sustains a variety of capability utilizing this api called Google CL, which can in theory be made use of inside some emacs lisp operates to give complete accessibility to your calls, schedule, and also several various other Google - organized solutions. This nonetheless, would likely be far more hard than simply a couple of lines tossed right into your.emacs.

2019-05-08 06:36:32