DEFCON approaches

I acquired DEFCON many thanks to the current steam sale and also am eager to listen to excellent approaches.

I locate that I'm not playing all right to see the deepness in the video game - generally I simply unload my projectiles in a oner and also wish for the most effective. Eager to listen to several of the methods made use of by experienced gamers ...

2019-05-04 20:14:28
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One method that I such as to make use of is to "glob" my nukes to make sure that they are can be found in to strike at concerning the very same time. Also if your adversary has an excellent anti - air protection, they can just contend numerous nukes simultaneously.

To do this takes a little technique, and also some timing : you require to release from the more - away launchers first, after that launch with the closer ones to make sure that the missles wind up being really near each various other once they're close to the target. With a great deal of technique, and also some inequality in your first positioning of sea pressures, you can get you 6 ground launchers, 12 belows, and also 18 bombing planes (6 ground, 12 ship) to all release nukes in a collection (for a total amount of 36 nukes), and also possibly loosened 4 or 5 (much less, if thier protection is divided).

Bear in mind : you just require them to be in - sync near the target's defenses - - as soon as you're past those, they can (and also need to) most likely to numerous targets.

This is all a lot easier if you make liberal use the actually - actually - slow-moving switch. Simply see to it you speed it up whenever you're not requiring to do something, lest you piss of the various other gamers.

2019-05-08 17:01:19