Fastest Leveling BFBC2

What is the fastest means to level up in Battlefield Bad Company 2 on COMPUTER?
Which package generally generates one of the most factors per min?

2019-05-04 20:22:58
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Medic is usually the fastest. Some individuals have in fact whined concerning it on the main discussion forums and also asked for a nerf for gameplay equilibrium. Talking as a person that largely plays spy, however, I assume it's great.

Non - Medic - Specific Notes

Below are a number of notes concerning degree the Medic class, yet below are a couple of for any kind of class.

  • Search for virtually - complete web servers. When there are a couple of individuals on a map, it takes a long period of time to locate each various other. It additionally takes a long period of time to end the round, which is when you get a heap of incentive factors for unique activities. I favor gently - crammed web servers, yet it plainly injures my factors - per - min.
  • Understand incentive factors. From the major video game screen, discover Multiplayer > Weapons and also Gadgets, and also Multiplayer > My Stats. These demonstrate how you're doing on progression towards numerous honors, along with celebrities for success on numerous tools. Several of these honors will certainly offer 5,000 to 10,000 incentive factors.
  • Adhere to (and also set) waypoints. If among the purposes is noted with sharp points around it, go there. Not just is this excellent gameplay, focusing your team's sources on an offered purpose, yet it additionally creates factors for you and also your group when you record or safeguard the factor, along with incentives at the end of the round if you do it sufficient. It dissatisfies me that individuals do not do this extra. If no person on your team has actually set a waypoint, factor your tool at a purpose and also utilize your detecting key to highlight it.

Medics: Points

Kyle's checklist of factors is proper, though I can validate it's 20 factors for a team recover. So you can see the large factors are to be had via revives, which not just get you factors yet recover tickets for your group, expanding your opportunities of winning.

Expect Opportunities

Assuming you're not playing hardcore (which has no minimap) : when a colleague passes away, you'll see a white defibrillator line on the map ; when a squadmate dies it'll be intense environment-friendly. Pressure on your own to maintain seeing the minimap till you're constantly knowledgeable about individuals requiring revitalizes close by.

As I remember you additionally see a white bandaid symbol flickering over individuals seeking a recover, and also a white cross on the map for individuals that have actually especially asked for recovery.

Leveling Medics: The Dark Side

I've usually been the target of a paramedic that was either revitalizing without assuming, or was betting factors without respect for the group.

If a person drops in a battery of fire you can revitalize them, usually from partial cover, after that run back right into concealing to recover on your own ... and also see your "person" get eliminated in the very same killzone where they passed away simply a minute prior to. This makes factors for you, and also does not injure your group's tickets, yet it counts as a fatality for your person (besides cheesing them off ... specifically if you do it a 2nd time).

I've seen some paramedics do this in a significant carnage, acquiring factors yet not actually aiding the group. Some could differ, and also it's constantly context - reliant, yet I really feel at a particular factor you simply come to be an evil spirit, collecting factors from targets' remains. Occasionally you require to allow individuals pass away so they can drop back, resupply, and also collect yourself.

So assume prior to you rez.

Leveling Medics: The Light Side

Dropping a recovery pet crate in a killzone, however, is flawlessly reasonable, and also much valued. After that you're not being an evil spirit, you're maintaining individuals from being dead.

When I play medic I constantly go with the extensive array perk, which increases the distance of your recovery pack. This is an additional win - win : it'll substantially enhance your factors, and also actually aids your group.

2019-05-12 14:12:36

I would certainly claim the Medic functions fairly well when you've obtained the medkit and also capacity to recover various other gamers and also defib them. Recognize adversary fire and also recover your colleagues promptly and also go down medkits numerous. The LMG's that select the paramedic additionally have quiting power, permitting you to go down adversaries quickly.

2019-05-12 00:36:52

Definitely the Medic. As soon as you have actually gained both the Med - package and also Defibrillator after that you start to consume degrees up.

Play in a team and afterwards the factors will certainly get also much better. If I'm not incorrect, you'll get:

  • 30 Points per Squad Heal (could be 20?)
  • 80 Points per Squad Revive
  • 10 Points per regular recover
  • 50 Points per regular revitalize

This brings about a great deal of factors really promptly, and also combined in with taking some flags and also the weird kill occasionally and also you will certainly obtain degrees really quickly.

2019-05-12 00:36:44

The designer is respectable too, if you remain with tanks/vehicles and also maintain fixing them when they get harmed you can acquire fairly a healthy and balanced lead, specifically if the individual in the lorry gets on your team.

Additionally on protection if you outfit the mines and also lay them at key roadway factors (where you would generally anticipate the adversary ahead down in a container or jeep) you can acquire a healthy and balanced points/kills incentive there also.

2019-05-12 00:32:29

I concur with others that playing as paramedic brings great deals of factors, yet do not forget making use of various tools. With each tool you attempt, you'll proceed from obtaining a handful of indicate hundreds of factors for the leading ability degrees. The honors are provided on the basis of the variety of eliminates you get, so with all the various tools there are 10s of hundreds of indicate be gained simply by switching over up tools and also attempting various points.

And also make certain to concentrate on class capacities, specifically in teams as an additional recommended. When playing attack, make certain to throw great deals of ammunition packs. Your colleagues will certainly value it, and also you'll get factors. As a paramedic, toss wellness. As a designer make certain to fix lorries. And also as a spy, make certain to chuck sensing units to disclose adversaries. This is specifically reliable when playing the "Rush" video game setting. As quickly as an MCOM has actually a cost grown, toss a sensing unit near it and also you'll get factors for all the opponents it identifies when they're eliminated. You can acquire a whole lot of factors in this way.

2019-05-11 01:04:58