What is the kind of curvature that is stable under turnings and also consistent scaling

This is a followup to this question, where I found out that curvature is stable to turnings.

I have actually found out of a variation of curvature that is invariant under affine transformations.

I am asking yourself if there a is a kind of curvature in between both. Stable under consistent scaling and also turning yet not all affine makeovers?

2019-05-04 20:25:14
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I do not recognize if this would certainly match you, yet one point you can take into consideration (far more ignorant than. the idea of affine curvature) is to deal with a factor P_0 on your contour, and afterwards take into consideration the. function on the contour offered by sending out a factor P to the amount

curvature (P)/ curvature (P_0).

This is a sort of loved one curvature, where you gauge just how much every little thing is bending. in contrast to the curvature at P_0, and also is stable under scaling and also turning.

2019-05-08 03:54:53