Does the Grooveshark radio algorithm think about the moment of day?

It feels like it will certainly play the very same track I've listened to prior to also if I downvoted it. Is it attempting to identify what design of music I such as throughout a particular time of day?

2019-05-04 20:52:24
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I do not think so, regarding I recognize it simply recommends based upon the tracks currently in your line up.


2019-05-11 17:15:55

I'm the maker of the radio attribute so if any person recognizes the response to your inquiry it's me. ;)

First recognize that radio was something I created in 24-hour. We have a really tiny group working with (4 programmers including myself) so the moment that can be invested in any kind of one point is rather restricted. So forgive me if it draws. :P

Grooveshark need to not play the very same track in the very same radio session ever before, no matter your ballot. However, given that every one of our web content is customer sourced, it could be playing various punctuation variants of the very same track. We attempt to capture the noticeable matches yet individuals are great at misspelling things.

We make use of ballots to fine-tune our referrals for every person, yet your ballots do not presently rollover in between radio sessions. Ballot will certainly influence the songs that obtains played presently, yet not traditionally. There are 2 factors for this, one being that in order to manage the quantity of play & ballot details, it's logged to an area that benefits assessing behind-the-scenes yet bad for rapid lookups. The various other is for debugging. If a person whines that radio is doing something unusual, it's much tougher to identify why that is if every person's radio experience is entirely one-of-a-kind.

That claimed, when we have extra time/resources I wish we'll have the ability to make radio smarter. Keep tuned. :)

2019-05-10 06:58:00