Max Payne - Max Payne 2 Resolution/ Perspective concern on a vast screen display

So simply acquired Max Payne and also Max Payne 2 from the Steam Sale. Exists a means to transform the viewpoint of the video game, to make sure that it does not look unusual on a Wide Screen display.

I have the ability to set it 1680x1050, yet after that every little thing looks Wide (fat). Exists a means to deal with that, or need to I adhere to a 4:3 resolution and also turn of scaling for my monitor/graphics card.

2019-05-04 21:16:24
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There's not a shred of proof on Widescreen Gaming Forum (the clear-cut resource for widescreen video game assistance and also solutions) that you can get an appropriate display screen in widescreen resolutions. The video game merely extends the photo to load your display, equally as you defined.

I would certainly advise sticking to your 2nd suggestion of running the video game pillarboxed at a 4 :3 display screen proportion.

2019-05-08 16:20:53