The amount of celebrities exist in Super Mario Galaxy 2?

I've read in testimonials of Super Mario Galaxy 2 that it has 240 celebrities. Exist actually 240 one-of-a-kind celebrities? Or is it like the first Super Mario Galaxy, where you get 120 celebrities, after that have the alternative to play the entire video game once more as Luigi and also accumulate the very same 120 celebrities once more?

I'm around 105 celebrities, and also it's resembling a lot of the galaxies have actually been noted "full," so I do not see where all these celebrities are mosting likely to originate from (if they are without a doubt one-of-a-kind).

2019-05-04 21:25:24
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There are 242 celebrities in complete : 120 typical yellow celebrities, 120 environment-friendly celebrities which show up after you have actually accumulated the first 120 yellow celebrities and also finished the video game, and also 2 added yellow celebrities which are readily available after you have actually accumulated the first 240 celebrities.

2019-05-08 16:30:06

There are a total amount of 242 celebrities :

  • 120 typical Gold celebrities, containing :
    • 56 Power celebrities (the regular ones)
    • 6 Grand Stars (at the end of each globe)
    • 17 Hidden Stars (in 17 various galaxies)
    • 29 Comet Stars (in 29 various galaxies)
    • 6 Additional Normal Stars after triumphing for the very first time.
    • 6 Additional Comet Stars after triumphing for the very first time.
  • 120 Green Stars which show up after you accumulated the first 120 yellow celebrities and also have actually triumphed once more (2 or 3 per galaxy, 18 per globe, with the exception of the really last globe, which has 12)
  • 2 added Gold celebrities after you have actually accumulated all the previous 240 celebrities. (1 Power Star, 1 Comet Star, which additionally calls for 9999 Starbits)

The only means to get all Comet Stars, is to accumulate all Comet Coins, which are located on the first degree of each galaxy, consisting of the really last one!

Keep in mind that it is feasible to get Bronze Stars as opposed to Gold Stars if you make use of the Cosmic Guide readily available (after passing away a number of times) on particular degrees (readily available in every galaxy, yet not every degree). While these Bronze Stars permit you to remain to go on, the do not count relative to opening particular keys.

2019-05-08 15:23:33

There are 120 yellow celebrities.

You might not have accessibility to all the secret celebrities yet - look for "?" on the map.

Additionally by accumulating comet medals you unlock the Prankster comet celebrities, so you could have several of those still to locate, and also there could greater than one per Galaxy.

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After obtaining all 120 yellow celebrities you reach locate an additional 120 environment-friendly celebrities.

There are additionally 2 added gold celebrities readily available after you've accumulated all the previous 240.

2019-05-08 05:10:58