The Sims 3 : Earn 10,000 Simoleons?

In The Sims 3, among my sims has the dream to "Earn 10,000 Simoleons". Despite the fact that she goes to the top of the company job ladder, she does not make near that much.

Exists something I should do beyond her normal work to accomplish this dream?

2019-12-03 06:24:29
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Answers: 2

You can constantly make use of rip off codes to generate income that makes the video game shed all its possibility and also enjoyable in my point of view.

Apart from that, you can generate income by marketing points like paints, stories, hand-made things.

2019-12-05 03:03:27

I visualize this is a collective objective, not something that she needs to do simultaneously. Simply maintain it and also it will become provided.

Except that, the fastest means I've located to generate income beyond jobs is by creating stories. As soon as you've understood it, you can drain a story a day for a ridiculous quantity of aristocracies.

2019-12-04 06:16:38