Methods and also pointers for locating details in man web pages

Does any person have any kind of methods and also pointers for locating details in man web pages?

2019-05-04 21:36:00
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If you are seeking details pertaining to a bash builtin (such as time, disown, set, or [[), as opposed to grinding via the thorough bash details web page or man bash, you can enter help {builtin-keyword} and also get standard syntax details promptly.

2019-12-05 00:30:22

For those longer, extra intricate man web pages I locate it a lot easier to read them far from a computer system (weird, I recognize) therefore I have these features in my .bashrc

# Print man pages 
manp() { man -t "[email protected]" | lpr -pPrinter; }

# Create pdf of man page - requires ghostscript and mimeinfo
manpdf() { man -t "[email protected]" | ps2pdf - /tmp/manpdf_$1.pdf && \
    xdg-open /tmp/manpdf_$1.pdf ;}
2019-12-04 08:22:19

View man web pages in a customer - pleasant visual application:

konqueror man:(command)

For the leading - degree tabulation:

konqueror man:


  • If you enter a command that has a suit in numerous areas, it takes you to a disambiguation web page
  • It is a visual application, so you do not need to bear in mind puzzling key series to browse the web page
  • It consists of links to relevant web pages (consisting of "see additionally" web pages)
  • You can open relevant web pages in different tabs
2019-05-30 15:44:58

Similar to yet a little various from Rob Hoelz's solution,

Add the adhering to in your ~/.vimrc:

runtime ftplugin/man.vim

Now vimman is a superb manpage visitor, and also :Man from within Vim (or merely striking K over a search phrase) is a superb manpage internet browser.

2019-05-12 03:23:05

The default pager for reviewing a man web page is less. There is documentation on less here.

Specifically :

  • Scroll up/down by one web page : b/ space
  • Scroll up/down by half a web page : u/ d
  • Searching forwards/backwards : // ?, after that type a normal expression,
    • after that after that strike n to head to the next suit or
    • shift+ N to head to the previous suit.
    • If the web page is covered with dull suits, struck space to head to the next web page.
  • Add an @ prior to the normal expression to look from the. start.
2019-05-10 13:49:10

man - k search

This will certainly offer you a checklist of all man web pages which connect to 'look'.

2019-05-08 07:10:35

From Kristof solution, if you (i.e.) type man -k chmod you'll get a checklist of possibilites. Keep in mind the number in the parenthesis, it suggests the area to seek in the hand-operated web pages :

On UNIX you can attempt :

man -s1 chmod it will certainly show the man web page for chmod command

man -s2 chmod it will certainly show the man web page for the C lib function chmod ()

On Linux you need to transform -s for -S

2019-05-08 07:08:26

Type lower / and afterwards type the string to look for. After that maintain pushing n to reach the next thing

2019-05-08 06:56:01

The apropos energy is seriously convenient for locating the ideal manpage.

2019-05-08 06:49:35

Don't overlook the info web pages. Several GNU devices have even more considerable details web pages than man web pages. Usually, the SEE ALSO area will certainly claim "The complete documentation for foo is kept as a Texinfo guidebook." This is specifically real for anything in the GNU coreutils plan.

Additionally, if you are an emacs customer, do not neglect you can read details and also hand-operated web pages without leaving your editor : M-x info and also M-x woman.

2019-05-08 06:46:50

Most of us set the PATH variable. This will certainly show you just how to instantly make the man search course match your command search PATH.

Claim you add your course to include your individual, job - details and also in your area - mounted energies, like export PATH=$PATH:~/bin:/workgroup/bin:/opt/local/bin:. As a negative effects, man foo will not show the manpages saved at ~/ man,/ workgroup/man or/ opt/local/man.

To settle this, I make use of the manpath command to instantly set the man web page search course. As an example, my ~/. bashrc has the adhering to. This benefits me on a hundred various systems running every little thing from FreeBSD 4.x, Darwin and also CentOS 5 :

# My personal utilities
export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/bin

### Set the manpath based on the PATH, after man(1) parses man.conf
# - No need to modify man.conf or manually modify MANPATH_MAP
# - Works on Linux, FreeBSD & Darwin, unlike /etc/manpaths.d/
# Just set the man search path. Don't print output to screeen.
manpath >/dev/null

Some systems (Like Apple Leopard) set the MANPATH instantly, yet that suggests that your system will certainly make use of the MANPATH variable as opposed to making use of manpath. Therefore, man web pages for 'MacPorts' (/ opt/local/man) are overlooked. I intend to regulate this myself, so I unset MANPATH :

manpath >/dev/null
2019-05-08 05:36:23

As @Steven D claims, do not neglect the info web pages.

On top of that, do not be frightened by the info web pages. I recognize a lot of individuals that do not make use of the details web pages as a result of the constructed - in navigating system. My favored remedy is to pipeline the details web pages via less :

info gpg |less

In this manner, I can browse the info web pages utilizing my favored pager. The info web pages will certainly currently act the like man web pages.

2019-05-08 05:33:53

Pay focus to the area number : Suppose you desire aid on printf. there go to the very least 2 of them : in covering and also in C. The celebration variation of printf remains in area 1, the C variation remains in area 3 or 3C. If you do not recognize which one you desire, type man -a printf, and also all hand-operated web pages will certainly be presented.

If what you are seeking is the layout of printf with all % codes and also it does not show up on printf man web page, you can leap to relevant man web pages detailed under SEE ALSO paragraph. You might locate something like formats(5), which recommends you to type man 5 formats.

If you are upset that man printf offers you printf (1) and also all you desire is printf (3 ), you need to scuff of checked directory sites in the MANPATH setting variable and also placed the ones for C language prior to the ones for covering commands. This might take place additionally when Fortran or TCL/Tk man web pages are detailed prior to C ones.

If you do not recognize where to start, type man intro, or man -s <section> intro. This offers you a recap of commands of asked for area.

Areas are well specified :

  • 1 is for covering commands,
  • 2 is for system calls,
  • 3 is for setting user interfaces (occasionally 3C for C, 3F for Fortran ...)
  • 5 is for documents layouts and also various other regulations such as printf or regex layouts.

Finally : details supplied in man web pages is not repetitive, so read meticulously from starting to end for raising your opportunities to locate what you require.

2019-05-08 04:44:13

If you're extra comfy with your editor than you are with the default pager, you can set MANPAGER in your setting. As an example, I have this line in my ~/.bashrc :

export MANPAGER="col -b | vim -c 'set ft=man nomod nolist ignorecase' -"
2019-05-08 04:23:59

Always look into what's in the SEE ALSO area. The commands revealed under this area in info web page are selectable by positioning the arrow on the wanted command and afterwards pushing enter key. Regularly I locate various other valuable commands or features in this way.

2019-05-08 04:17:28