Has any person obtained any kind of performance numbers contrasting IIS and.NET to Cherokee and also Mono?

I am establishing a growth web server and also intend to set it approximately offer ASP.NET web pages making use of Mono. I am intending on making use of Cherokee and also Mono (http://www.cherokee-project.com/doc/cookbook_mono.html) and also asked yourself if any person had actually done any kind of performance screening contrasting the Unix based pile to the Windows based.

2019-05-04 21:47:09
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When screening Mono/Linux vs.NET/Windows work, you need to bear in mind that there is even more at play than simply the runtime setting.

There are locations in which Linux executes far better than Windows (Most IO and also network procedures often tend to be much faster for equivalent C programs). At the very same time,. NET has an advanced garbage man and also an advanced JIT compiler.

When it involves the class collections, it actually relies on what code courses you are making use of. As JacksonH claimed on a previous blog post, you can strike code courses that have actually been maximized in one execution, yet out the various other, and also viceversa.

On ASP.NET work you need to bear in mind that the default arrangement will certainly course all inbound demands to a solitary "employee" procedure, mod_mono and also Cherokee make use of a comparable strategy :

Many HTTP server to one mod-mono-server
(resource : mono-project.com)

At the very least with Apache we sustain a device where you can separate application work throughout numerous employees, which aids under high lots as it stays clear of any kind of in - procedure securing and also offers each employee an entire string swimming pool to function from :

Routing requests to different ASP.NET hosts with mod_mono
(resource : mono-project.com)
The information on just how to configure this arrangement are readily available below :


2019-05-08 22:15:21

This is kinda a non - solution. Nonetheless there isn't an actual solution below. However this point is very application - reliant. Your application can appeal something that Mono takes place to do actually well or you could be greatly making use of something that is applied inadequately or has some pests. It's not actually an instance of Mono being X times slower/faster than IIS.

My pointer is to take your application, release it on 2 various EC2 circumstances (one Windows and also one Mono) and also do your screening there. If you locate significant concerns on the Mono instance, please report them and also we'll attempt to get points boosted.

All that being claimed, I can inform you from individual experience that Mono aspx does execute actually well.

2019-05-08 11:07:08