Reconditioning "loosened" Xbox360 Controller

I have numerous 360 controllers and also the analog sticks appear to get loosened on me instead promptly.

Exists a means to repair this "looseness", probably with a refurb package or a few other method?

This would certainly conserve me from acquiring an additional controller every 6 months and also stop my personality from gradually twirling in a circle or drifting while running.

2019-05-04 21:51:15
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Answers: 2

Here are a couple of web links if you intend to attempt dealing with the controllers on your own.

Disclaimer : I have not attempted this myself, and also am not connected with - although I have actually dealt with numerous concerns with my PSP by taking it apart. :)

2019-05-08 08:13:49

Is it basic looseness or simply wandering? Xbox 360 controllers appear to have a trouble with wandering, and also from what I can inform, the majority of generally to the left, for one reason or another. I have a controller with this trouble too, and also after googling a whole lot, I located that there weren't several remedies, however. One point that you can attempt is to a little turn your joystick in the contrary instructions it often tends to wander prior to you transform your controller and also console on. It'll reset its neutral placement after that and also can aid neutralize the driftiness. If it worsens though which does not aid, obtaining a substitute is possibly the most effective alternative, if you do not intend to open it up.

If you do intend to open it up, viewing as you've claimed you've acquired new controllers, what you would possibly require is a Torx T8 protection screwdriver. I think the older 360 controllers made use of a normal T8, yet all the more recent ones call for the security/tamper-resistant screwdriver, which has a tiny opening in the pointer due to the fact that the screws have a little "tooth" on them. You can acquire these at any kind of equipment store, and also I've listened to Radio Shack markets them (if you stay in the United States ). I grabbed among these due to the fact that I required to open my controller and also tidy the switches after they obtained a little squishy from playing great deals of Bayonetta (hands obtained perspiring, sweat dried out and also left deposit, ick ).

2019-05-07 21:59:53