Exists a means to stop installs/updates to clutter my disk drive with puzzling folders?

Usually I locate guid-like folder names spread out about on my disk drives. Exists a means to stop this from taking place? I assume they could come when I install numerous programs or while upgrading them (feels like windows update does it also).

I locate it really aggravating. Specifically when several of them will not be removed as a result of protection things. Does not Windows have a committed temperature folder for these instances? Why can not they make use of that? Or at the very least clean up after themselves ...

2019-05-04 22:02:28
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Most regularly I locate such folders after windows update/install something. However there is no other way to disable them from being developed. You can just wish that the upgrade will certainly end up ALRIGHT and also will certainly cleaning after itself.

When it comes to the deleting of these folders you simply require to take possession of them and also you will certainly have the ability to delete them.

2019-05-08 18:15:23