Uncomplicated system and also documents backup/restore for Linux?

After making use of an Ubuntu digital equipment for some time, I assume I prepare to get an actual, physical equipment and also make use of Ubuntu on it.

Given that I am still reasonably new to the Linux globe, exists a trusted remedy for making normal back-ups of documents and also setups for my system (possibly comparable to Apple's Time Machine?) that I can trust when, e.g. my disk drive falls short, or something negative takes place?

2019-05-04 22:51:19
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In enhancement to what wormintrude stated you could take into consideration :

  • rdiff-backup : I've utilized this myself consistently in the past. The pros are that it does step-by-step back-ups, can be made use of for remote back-ups or neighborhood back-ups, and also has a variety of attributes that makes it very easy to implement a variety of backup plans. The downside is that it is primarily simply a collection of command line energies and also hence needs you to write cron work to take care of the back-ups.

  • Deja Dup : This is a GUI - driven remedy that gives a great deal of the very same attributes as rdiff - backup yet without the demand for self - created cron work. It additionally sustains encrypted back-ups and also back-ups to amazon.com's cloud solution.

  • rsnapshot : This is still a command - line based energy yet makes use of conf documents in/ etc to lower the quantity of personalized manuscript creating that is essential.

Regarding I recognize, every one of these are readily available in the Ubuntu databases. One of the most uncomplicated of these is Deja Dup, which is suggested to be very easy - to - usage and also incorporate well with GNOME. One benefit of all 3 is that they make step-by-step back-ups. Hence you can have day-to-day back-ups getting to rather much back without occupying far more room than one complete backup.

2019-05-08 05:54:06

You can offer TimeVault or FlyBack a shot.

I am a Gentoo customer myself, so I have not actually attempted these, yet they feel like they are rather right - onward.

TimeVault does not appear to function appropriately under Lucid, yet just as a result of a conflict with python 2.6.

Allow me recognize if this aids or if you require more details.

2019-05-08 05:11:10