Why can not I transform the Google Calendar on an occasion after it's been sync would certainly?

Galaxy-S (Vibrant), Android 2.1

If I create an occasion with the supply Calendar application, I can openly transform which Google Calendar the occasion is related to. Once it sync's with Google Calendar, nonetheless, I can no more transform which Calendar the occasion is related to. I can do transform any kind of various other facet of the occasion, and also also delete the occasion, yet I can not relocate to a various calendar. I can transform the calendar from the Google Calendar website, however.

Many thanks!

2019-05-04 23:00:15
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This is possibly as a result of just how the Google Calendar web server API connects with customer applications.

An upgrade demand needs to be sent out to a details calendar on the web server. If you can transform which calendar the consultation is linked to, synchronization would certainly need to send a "delete" from one calendar and also an "add" to the various other.

I've created and also kept a variety of systems which have synchronization and also duplication ... and also I believe that a choice as made to prefer simpleness and also stay clear of the feasible intricacies of cross - calendar modifies.

2019-05-09 03:00:45