What's the most effective means to partition your drive?

I generally install Linux on a solitary partition given that I just utilize it as an individual desktop computer.

Nonetheless, every so often I re-install package. And also what I do is to merely relocate my documents around with an exterior hard drive.

So just how could I protect against that when re-installing my box (e.g. switching over to an additional distro)?

2019-05-04 23:15:08
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No one appears to have actually stated /usr/local. I usually make this a different partition. If you're in the behavior of mounting software program assembled from resource or various other 3rd event software program that isn't component of your distro, having it in/ usr/local methods 2 points:

  1. You can share/ usr/local over nfs and also have actually "mounted as soon as, mounted almost everywhere" capability if you have greater than one system with the very same OS variation
  2. You can maintain this partition throughout re - installs and afterwards you do not require to re - install every little thing below. Keep in mind : when you update the OS several of your collections might transform and also you could need to recompile some points. Yet not constantly.

Besides /usr/local I additionally maintain a different /home for noticeable factors and also a different/ Files which is where I place things that is suggested to be "shared", such as the family members MP3 and also video collection. Relying on your use/ residence could be a far better area for your songs, yet if it's in a different partition it's very easy to have it on a different hard drive also if you do not make use of LVM.

2019-05-12 08:06:02

Rather than counting simply on dividings, under Linux I generally advise making use of LVM. This permits you to expanded and also reduce filesystems as required later on (though expanding often tends to be less complicated than reducing), also wile the documents system is energetic when it comes to ext2/3/4 (I've efficiently raised the dimension of filesystems while they were energetic, though I've never ever attempted to decrease the dimension of one in this manner).

Clearly this still leaves you to determine just how to assign the room, yet you do not need to get it specifically right from the start due to the fact that repositioning points later on is less complicated. I generally offer each quantity as much room as I assume it will certainly require plus a portion forever luck, and also leave the continuing to be room for including new filesystems or increasing existing ones right into later on.

2019-05-08 09:48:16

Depends on the use, and also the OS actually.

On my major desktop computer I have the room split in between/ and also an additional partition I maintain my documents/music etc Since/ residence will certainly have customer arrangement and also things in there I would not maintain it undamaged in between installs, simply symlink my document/music folders right into my homedir.

2019-05-08 09:10:37

There are a variety of overviews that can aid with this, and also as theotherreceive mentioned, it can be OS details. What Solaris recommends might not be what Ubuntu recommends. As an example, Solaris (and also possibly HP - UX) make use of/ export/home as the place factor for residence dirs, Linux makes use of/ residence.

There's no actual magic to it, actually what I would certainly claim is you've struck the nail on the head. One partition does not reduce it for your demands. So make an adjustment. Make use of the overviews as an instance (you can also find out why/ etc is/ etc and also various other cool facts with the right document). Below's an instance (plucked arbitrary from a Google search) :


2019-05-08 08:33:45

The minimum arrangement needs to have/ and also/ residence in different dividings./ need to contend the very least 18GB, in my experience. I generally have a 3rd partition called/ code where I maintain all my job code, and also make use of/ residence for downloads, records and also various other non - code relevant points. When I re-install, I simply backup whatever I have in/ residence that I intend to maintain to/ code.

2019-05-08 08:24:33

Keep your/ residence on a different partition. In this manner, it will certainly not be overwritten when you switch over to an additional distro or update your existing one. It's additionally an excellent suggestion to have your swap by itself partition. Yet that need to be done instantly by your distro's installer.

The means my laptop computer is arrangement, I have the adhering to dividings :

2019-05-08 04:49:42